About Us

The Denton Organic Society was formed in the Spring of 1994. D.O.S. is a local flowering of a nationwide, indeed a world-wide, revolution in the way we grow things -- from potted plants to platted farms, from healthier vegetables to healthier and lovelier landscapes around our homes, schools and workplaces.

The so-called "Green Revolution" of the 1950's and 60's was an attempt to control nature with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It has failed... miserably. It reduces the quality and increases the real cost of everything. And it is poisoning us. The "Organic Revolution" is an about a  return to some of the wisdom of our forbearers. It's about democracy and decentralizing control of our food and health. It's about stopping the poisoning of our air, soil, and water. It's about making the best use of available science and technology.

Organic concepts have relevance to everyone. The front-line of the "Organic Revolution" is our own back yard (and front yard too of course). Organic concepts and benefits apply to your entire landscape, but having your own Victory Garden helps save the environment, your health, and your pocketbook! The organic way is the safer-saner-cleaner-greener choice.

Our programs and activities are pertinent to both the novice and the long-time organic aficionado. The Denton Organic Society continues to strive to improve and expand our mission to awaken, inform, and equip the people and institutions in the Denton area concerning the benefits of using organic practices. Each membership gives us added strength in accomplishing these goals. So we invite YOU to join us to both expand your knowledge and skills and to further the organic revolution. You can join at a meeting or use a membership page to join now. Let's have fun while helping to save the earth.

In the Garden

Organic gardeners don’t use pesticides or fertilizers on their plants. But Gardening organically is much more than what you don’t do. When you garden organically, you think of your plants as part of a whole system within Nature that starts in the soils and includes the water supply, people, wildlife, and even insects. An organic gardener strives to work in harmony with natural systems and to continually replenish any resources the garden consumes. Organic gardening then, begins with attention to the soil. You should regularly add organic matter to the soil. Everyone has access to the raw ingredients of organic matter because your lawn, garden, and kitchen produce them every day. Decaying plant waste, such as grass clippings, fall leaves and vegetable scraps from your kitchen are the building blocks of compost, the ideal building matter for your soil. If you add compost to your soil you’re already well on your way to raising a beautiful healthy garden organically. The other key to growing organically is to choose plants suited to the site. Plants adapted to your climate and conditions are better able to grow without a lot of attention or input. – from Organic Gardening Magazine

In The Marketplace

Sales of organic foods have grown significantly every year for many years. Raising livestock organically generally means that no antibiotics or growth hormones are used and animals are raised “free-range” not in confined but instead given access to fresh air and sunlight. This makes for much healthier disease-free animals that are safer and more nutritious for YOU.