2018 Schedule of Events


NOTE: Activities are open to people of all ages. Children under age 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Membership is not required to participate in activities.


Wednesday Jan 17, 7pm

Food for Thought: Nutrition for Concentration, Focus, & Memory will be presented by Selena Smith, Nutritional Health Coach at Natural Grocers. Is your brain starved for better nutrition? Do you find it hard to concentrate or focus and remember things? Do you feel irritable or moody for no discernible reason? Are you absent-minded or suffer from periodic brain fog? Proper nutrition is key. Selena is one of our favorite speakers – always very informative. Come learn the secrets of having a better brain at any age, and please invite a friend.


Wednesday February 21, 7pm

Is Smart Technology Really Smart? (for your health) by Mike Mizell, president of Denton Organic Society. The program will explore the effects on the body of the sea of Electro-Smog that surrounds us every day. It will detail the many sources of Electro-Magnetic radiation that we are exposed to, how they impact the body, and how we can avoid them as much as possible. Join us for this informative program to learn about this invisible toxic threat and how to protect yourself.


Wed, Mar 21, 7:00pm -- To Bee or Not to Bee – Dr. Larry Legg, professor and Master Gardener, will present a program on our native bees, which are mostly solitary. Then, we will also hear from Jacquelline Freeman, the Bee Wisperer, sharing intimate details on the lives of honey bees and the wisdom they have to offer. This should be a truly fascinating program. You don’t want to miss this; also, please invite a friend.


Wed, Apr 18, 7:00pm – Miraculous Hemp Oil by Crystal Rose Mantecon, Founder and Gold Independent Affiliate of Prime My Body. She has a BBA in International Business and Marketing and a rich background as healer, meditation teacher, actor, dancer, singer, film producer, and loves being a connector for all things. Come learn the amazing healing benefits of hemp oil and bring a friend.


Field Trip:

Sat, Apr 28, 9:00am – Visit Kaden Florist & Greenhouse in Gainesville. This is the oldest continuously-operating commercial greenhouse in the state of Texas. Learn the fascinating history of this place and enjoy seeing lots of beautiful flowers. Leave from KDZ, 719 Sherman Dr. (next to La Azteca Mexican Grocery) at 9:00am; return around noon.


 May through June activities are currently being scheduled. 



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