2019 Schedule of Events


NOTE: Activities are open to people of all ages. Children under age 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Membership is not required to participate in activities.

Wed, March 20, 7pm – Dr. Larry Legg will cover the ins and outs of Spring Gardening. Larry is a Master Gardener, former DOS board member, and an excellent speaker. Come be inspired and learn how to get your garden started. Please invite a friend. Join us at the Denton Senior Center, 509 N. Bell ave.

Wednesday, February 20th, 7pm -Wynette & Nicholas Johnson from Artesian Wellness Health in Ft. Worth will present a program on Redox Health Therapy.  As we age, cell communication breaks down, the signal weakens, and gene expression can be disrupted. What if there were a simple way to address this cellular breakdown? ... not just mask the symptoms, but actually attack problems at the source -- the genetic level? You might not know it, but redox signaling is taking place in your cells right now and is keeping you alive. The cellular messages are sent to cells by redox signaling molecules. The redox signaling molecules help the body know how to protect and repair cells. Every system of the body relies on them. The Johnsons will introduce us to a product that contains active redox signaling molecules, created through a process that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules. Come learn how to heal and re-energize your body at the cellular level. Join us at the Denton Senior Center, 509 N. Bell ave.


Wednesday, January 16, 7pm – The program will be presented by Michelle Neu from Circle N Family Dairy in Gainesville, where very pampered cows produce super-tasting milk. They also produce a variety of other products, including beef and eggs. One of our members, Eveith Miller, is planning to act as local contact for regular deliveries to Denton. Learn details on products and delivery at the meeting.

Field Trip:

Saturday, January 26, 9:15am -- We will do a follow-up field trip to visit Circle N Dairy to see the cows and learn about operation of the farm. If the weather is bad that day, Feb 8 will be the alternate date. You can check our facebook page for any changes. https://www.facebook.com/DentonOrganicSociety/

Meet at 9:15 sharp at 719 E. Sherman Dr. It is an old Seven-Eleven store that is closed, but you will recognize the style of building. It is located between La Azteca Mexican Market and the Shell Service Station and right in-line with Linwood Dr. on the opposite side of Sherman Dr. We should be back by noon. If you think you might want to purchase products, come prepared with a cooler.

Check back periodically for changes and updates and watch our Facebook page for the latest information.